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Fag Pride

For those who are reclaiming the word, and choose to take pride in who they are, and whatever terms they choose.


I know that they are difficult words for many of us: "fag" and "faggot." I've been requested to make this collection for those who choose to reclaim the words, and I respect their decision, and their right to do so, just as I hold my own right to the word "queer," though I've received objections to that from those who see it only as a slur



Faggot, often shortened to fag, is a usually pejorative term used primarily to refer to gay or "effeminate" men. The slur has been reclaimed by some, but not all, queer cis men and transmasculine people as well as some queer cis women, transfeminine people, and unaligned non-binary and genderqueer people.

Faggot can be used as a modifier for genders, gender modalities, sexual orientations, and aesthetics and aesthetic attractions, such as girlfag, transfag, dykefag, and artfag.

Besides it's reclaimed use, it should not be used on any individual, especially those who have not reclaimed this term. No individual should use the slur unless they themselves have the right to reclaim it.*ggot


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