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Genderfae Pride

Genderfae, also known as genderdoe[1] or genderthil, is a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses male or masculine genders. Genderfae people can be fluid between any range of feminine genders, unaligned or neutral genders (such as aporagender), or genderlessness, but they never experience masculine genders. Genderfae is sometimes considered a non-masculine subset of fluidflux.

The alternative terms genderdoe and genderthil have been coined for those who do not want to use "fae". There is currently a movement to solidify into only using genderdoe or genderthil due to fae being revered in certain cultures.

The masculine complement to genderfae is genderfaun. Variants of genderfae include genderfaer, in which one can experience masculine genders but is never a binary man, and genderselkie, where the nonbinary genders experienced are often xenic.

Genderfae is sometimes confused with faegender, which is a completely different thing.


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