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Kingender Pride

There are several kingender pride flags. Here are a few:

Kingender Pride Flag - Version 1 with Symbol

 Kingender Pride Flag - Version 1 without Symbol 

Kingender Pride Flag - Version 2 Kingender Pride Flag - Version 3

Kingender is a gender identity related to ones kintype. A kintype (or otherkin) relates to a non-human identification, for example someone who identifies as a dragon on a spiritual, mental, or emotional degree.

The kingender experience is different for everyone. Some examples of what kingender people may experience are:

  • a change in gender when one experiences a shifts (kingenderfluid)
  • the experience of being a certain gender because of one's identity (e.g. a dragonkin knowing they wouldn't be female if they weren't dragonkin)
  • Identifying as a xenogender related to one's kintype

This can be considered genderNH.

The identity is exclusive to those who identify as otherkin, because the gender of people who identify as kingender is intertwined with their non-human identity. If you are not otherkin, you cannot be kingender, as you do not experience a key part of this identity.


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