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Torensexual Pride

Torensexual or Torenamoric is the exclusive attraction to men and non-binary people. It could be considered a form of polysexual or bisexual. It mixes "tor" as in toric, and "en" as in enby.

The romantic equivalent is torenromantic. Similar terms include nowomasexual, uranic, enbitor, and nofinsexual.


There are several torensexual pride flags.

Torensexual/Torenamoric Pride Flag Version 1 - a narrow white stripe in the middle, with a wider aqua green stripe above, and matching light purple stripe below.

Torensexual/Torenamoric Pride Flag Version 2 - seven equal stripes from light blue at the top through pale blue, a middle white stripe, then pale lavender to medium purple at the bottom.


Torensexual/Torenamoric Pride Flag - Version 1

  Torensexual/Torenamoric Pride Flag - Version 2