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Pride Button Pack - MIx'n'Match | Choose Your Own Combo! | LGBTQIA



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    It's like choose your own adventure, but with buttons!

    Step 1: Choose the size of buttons from the first (Sizes) drop-down menu.
    Step 2: Choose the size of pack from the second (Pack Size) drop-down menu.
    Step 3: In the order personalization box, let me know how many of each type of button you want.

    For example, if you are ordering a package of 5 buttons you could have:
    -5 asexual buttons
    -2 bisexual buttons, 2 aromantic, and 1 nonbinary
    -1 aegosexual, 1 demisexual panromantic, 1 sapphic, 1 bigender, and 1 Philadelphia rainbow pride

    Order a variety for yourself, or one for each of your friends! Don't see what you're looking for? Pop me a message and I'll see what I can do.


    Buttons come in packs and are covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar with a standard button-back. Proudly handcrafted and printed in the USA.

    The buttons are printed and shipped by one of my production partners, and will ship separately from other items in your order.
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    I adore how the owner helped me out with making a custom flag pin for me, I love feeling like I finally have some representation! The pins are quality, they shipped quickly and I know I'll definitely be ordering from this shop again. Thank you!

    What a nice assortment of buttons with lesser known identities! Arrived very quickly, too.

    I absolutely love these!!!! I got the sapphic, lesbian, progress, nonbinary, and polyamorous v3. I bring them to school and let my partner and my best friend borrow the nonbinary and progress. both of them also love the pins! my sister also tries to steal my lesbian one because she wants it. so yeah, everyone loves my pins. they are a great addition to my pin collection

    I really love these pins. They are larger than I expected which makes me happy. The quality is good as well, very clear. I appreciate the owners inclusive selection of merchandise.