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Pride Flag Enamel Pins | Soft Enamel Lapel Pins | LGBTQIA2S+

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    Waving pride flag enamel lapel pins. Soft enamel with shiny silver finish with butterfly clutch back.

    Choose your flag pins. Limited stock, so order beffore they're gone!


    There are 5 nebularian soft enamel pins that have a silver finish. In the end, I decided that the black metal finish was better, because the symbol in the centre showed up better. If you still think the silver is nice, get one of these for 50% off - only $5!


    NOTE ON SHIPPING: If the shipping rate charged ends up being more than the cost to post your order, I'll refund the difference.


    - Soft enamel
    - 1.25" wide
    - Shiny silver tone (nickel) finish, except Nebularian, which has a black metal finish
    - Butterfly clutch back

    Pins come on a card, no plastic baggies. Shipped in a padded envelope, directly from me, your friendly neighbourhood Ninja Ferret! Any extra packing material (eg: bubble wrap, foam padding) is re-used from parcels I've received myself.

    More designs to come in future pre-orders. If you have a request for future designs, send me a message!
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