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Lunarian Pride Wall Flag | Single-Reverse | 36x60" | Gender

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    Lunarian Pride Flag

    Lunarian, also called a lunar non-binary individual, is a non-binary gender and gender alignment from the galactian alignment system. In many cultures around the world, the moon is individualified as a woman, or is associated with feminine energy, so lunarian is used to refer to non-binary individuals who are woman or feminine-aligned.

    Possible examples of lunarian experiences include:

    Someone who is partially a woman.
    Someone who has some connection to womanhood without being a woman.
    Someone who has a gender similar to, but not the same as, a woman.
    Someone who is fingender or connected to femininity while not being a woman or having a connection to womanhood.
    A non-binary individual who presents femininely (regardless of their actual gender).
    Someone connected to womanhood through their experience with society. They may be treated as or have experiences similar to that of a woman.

    The term is meant to be a less easily misused or manipulated form of "female-aligned." Since there is no consistent definition of gender alignment, there is no consistent definition of lunarian. Some non-binary individuals may fit some of these experiences but not identify as lunarian.

    The masculine equivalent is solarian. The neutral or unaligned equivalent is stellarian.


    This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semi transparent print.
    - Indoor use is suggested to maximize the life of the flag, but it is made of tent fabric, and may be hung outdoors.
    - The flag is a single-reverse print, so it doesn't suit standing flagpoles, but is great to hang from a horizontal flagpole, off a balcony, or on your wall.
    - Manufactured by a small company in the US

    “” is written discreetly in the bottom right corner of the flags, so that you can find me again. Apologies to those who find that cheezy.


    Single reverse flags are the most common flag design. This is where the design is printed correctly on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through the material so the design appears as a mirror image on the back or reverse side.
    Single Reverse: Design is only done on 1 side of the flag but shows through to the other side in a reverse image. The majority of flags are created this way, including most provincial flags and corporate flags. A single reverse flag is lightweight and is most cost-effective.

    Double-Sided: Design reads correctly on both sides of the flag. Typically this flag is 2 single-sided flags sewn back to back to make it double thickness. This type of flag is commonly hung horizontally indoors. Double sided advertising flags are heavier than a single reverse flag and are not typically recommended for outdoor use.

    Single-Sided: Printed on one side only, with thicker fabric, so the back is blank. Best hung on a wall, or a garden flagpole facing outward.
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    At first I was worried they didn't sell them anymore but I was pleasantly surprised to get this flag of a very unrepresented gender identity! The seller bent over backwards to keep me posted and get product to me, definitely would recommend!