Check out the Skipping Stone project. All profits support the Skipping Stone Foundation, for trans and gender diverse youth.

Skipping Stone Fundraiser

The Skipping Stone Foundation does amazing work for the trans and gender diverse youth in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With funding harder to come by, I thought I might do my small part to help.

100% of profits from Skipping Stone merchandise go directly to the Skipping Stone Foundation to support their programs and services. You can also donate directly.

Do you have a design idea? Use the contact form or send an email to with your ideas. Phrases, art, or concepts are all welcome. Please note how (or if) you would like to be credited.


Logo for Skipping Stone Foundation. Mulitcoloured heart with the words "Skipping Stone" and "Empower. Support. Love"

 History of the Skipping Stone Foundation

Skipping Stone was founded in 2016 by Lindsay Peace and Amelia Marie Newbert as the Skipping Stone Scholarship Foundation with the original mission of providing trans and gender diverse youth positive and affirming opportunities surrounding their gender identity and expression through providing scholarships and community building events.

Almost immediately however, seeing the significant gaps in the ability of youth and families to be able to access supports and navigate systems, including health care, education, and social services among others, the organization rapidly grew to fill this hole and act as a systems and services navigator. As Skipping Stone grew into this role, it continued to evolve and begun also acting as a direct service provider in 2017 and, ultimately, launched its unique and innovative, community-driven comprehensive care model in 2018 which it continues to provide to this day.

For more information, check out their website at