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Aroflux Pride Yard Flag Version 1

Ninja Ferret

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Aroflux Pride Flag Version 1

(There are several versions of the aroflux flag, including my own, version 3.)

Aroflux is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It is defined as someone whose romantic orientation fluctuates but generally stays on the aromantic spectrum. An aroflux person may feel very strongly aromantic one day and less aromantic another day, they might feel demiromantic or greyromantic at times. Some aroflux people may feel like they are alloromantic at times.



The single-sided version is great as a wall hanging, or to string together with others and hang like oversized bunting. The double-sided flags are great for gardens, or maybe to hang on mini flagpoles!


Stand Not Included

1.25" wide top pole slot

Single or Double Sided

Materials: 100% poly poplin-canvas fabric

Weight: 0.08 oz

Size: 12x18" (30x45cm)