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Black Triangle Flag Pin-Back Buttons

Ninja Ferret

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Pin-Back buttons in two sizes, featuring the black triangle flag.

For those who choose to remember and reclaim the symbols used against us in the past. Let it never happen again.

"The black triangle was a badge used in Nazi concentration camps to mark prisoners regarded asozial ("anti-social") and arbeitsscheu ("work-shy"). Those considered anti-social included primarily the Romani but it was also used until 1942 to describe alcoholics, homeless, beggars, nomads, and prostitutes.[1] Women deemed to be anti-social included sex-workers, nonconformists, and lesbians.[2] The term "asocial" was originally applied to heterosexual women who engaged in sex outside of marriage, which included prostitutes." 



Buttons come in packs and are covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar with a standard button-back. Proudly handcrafted and printed in the USA.