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Cisn't Pride Flag


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Cisn't Pride Flag

I find this one really clever!

Cisn't (also known as Cisgendern'tNoncisgender or Cisdissident) is an umbrella term for anyone who is not cis. It is not exclusive to transgender people, as not all non-cis people identify as trans. Even though trans may apply to them, they may not identify primarily as trans, because they do not feel they experience the trans experience. Cisn't includes other gender modalities, such as ipsogenderultergenderisogenderdemicisgender, etc. as well as trans.


This 36”x60” wall flag is made of 100% polyester knit; equipped with grommets for an authentic look and feel. The flag is a one sided semitransparent print perfect for indoor applications.

  • Indoor use is suggested to maximize the life of the flag, but it is made of tent fabric, and may be hung outdoors.
  • Manufactured by a small company in the USA