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Fag Pride Sticker


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Round Fag Pride Sticker

For those who are reclaiming the word, and choose to take pride in who they are, and whatever terms they choose.

I know that they are difficult words for many of us: "fag" and "faggot." I've been requested to make this collection for those who choose to reclaim the words, and I respect their decision, and their right to do so, just as I hold my own right to the word "queer," though I've received objections to that from those who see it only as a slur.

Who doesn't like a sticker? No one I want to hang out with, I'll tell you that. The great thing about stickers is that you can put them on anything - your window, computer, travel mug (unless you already have one of our snazzy travel mugs, of course), a toolbox - the possibilities are endless.

Where will you put your sticker?

  • Great indoors or out

  • Four different sizes, you know there's one that will fit where you want to put it