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Positive Space Sign (FREE)

Ninja Ferret

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This Positive Space sign borrows a design from an initiative by Rainbow Health Ontario, with a number of tweaks that I made for my own use. The information on the bottom of the poster is for Canada, in some cases Alberta or Calgary specifically. Feel free to edit it with current resources for your area.

Available in black and white so that you can colour it in yourself, and full colour.

Select "PDFs Only" to get both the black and white and colour PDF files. If you want a layered .xcf (GIMP) file as well, select "PDFs and XCF."

There are no strings attached, you can select this sign and nothing else, and I'll still send you the file, no purchase necessary. Of course, I hope you'll support my work, but you're welcome to the signs anyway. 

-Dash, your friendly neighbourhood ninja ferret