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Positive Space Yard Flags

Ninja Ferret

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Want to let people know that your home or workplace is a positive space for LGBTQIA2S+ folks? This cute little yard sign might be just the ticket.

The single-sided version is great as a wall hanging, or in your yard with the printed side out. The double-sided flags are great for gardens, or maybe to hang on mini flagpoles!


Stand Not Included

1.25" wide top pole slot

Single or Double Sided

Materials: 100% poly poplin-canvas fabric

Weight: 0.08 oz

Size: 12x18" (30x45cm)


Please make sure that you're fully inclusive, do any self-education necessary to ensure it, before putting up a sign like this. Performative allyship, especially with businesses, is almost worse than not indicating you're an ally at all.