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Pronoun Lapel Pins - Pre-Order

Ninja Ferret

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Sure, you can get lovely round buttons with your pronouns (you can even get them right here on!) but sometimes you want a really classy lapel pin for special events, or around the office, right? Well, look no further. 

I'm taking pre-orders for an assortment of pronouns, to (attempt to) meet everyone's needs.

They feature bright silver plating and glossy black enamel with a little sparkle. You can't go wrong with a bit of glitter, right?

Soft enamel pins (also known as 'embossed enamel pins') are quality die struck pins filled in enamel color by hand. What makes soft enamel pins different is the soft enamel recessed area is lower than the raised metal areas around it.

Available pronouns:

She/Her, He/Him, They/Them, She/They, He/They, Xe/Xem, Ze/Hir, and Ey/Em



How Pre-Order Works

I'm currently taking pre-orders. Everyone in on the pre-order will be able to purchase these pins for $5 each, as a thank you for making this possible. (After that, they're $7 per pin.) Once we reach the deadline, all styles with at least 10 pins pre-ordered will go into production, and the pre-order price won't be available.

Anyone who pre-orders styles that haven't received the minimum of 10 pre-orders by the deadline will be contacted with a choice - either receive a refund, or wait until the minimum is reached.

Please make sure that you include an email address where you can be reached.

Deadline: February 15, 2020

Note: The mock-up images are only approximations, and the actual pins will be different - much better!